Office of David La Croix, Esq.
Unclaimed Funds Department

"Providing assistance for consumers to recover their unclaimed escrow funds"


What are “unclaimed funds”?
Unclaimed funds consist of financial assets including money that are considered abandoned because there has been no contact with the lawful owner for an extended period of time.  According to experts, 7 out of 10 Americans are entitled to some kind of unclaimed money.  The estimated total amount of unclaimed funds owed to the public is over 300 billion dollars.  Some common examples of unclaimed funds are:
     •  Unredeemed gift cards and certificates
     •  Accounts receivable credit balances and discounts due
     •  Interest overpayments due to a calculation error discovered after a debt has been paid off
     •  Insurance refunds due to early termination of a policy
     •  Unclosed bank accounts where the owner has died and the beneficiary cannot be found
     •  Unpaid life insurance policy proceeds to named beneficiaries
     •  Estate proceeds

If I was owed money, wouldn't the holder of the funds have contacted me?
Yes, and most likely did.  However, because of privacy laws, financial institutions such as banks, lenders, and insurance companies are not permitted to use online search engines to obtain current addresses.  Thus, any letter of notification would've been sent to the last address showing on the account.  Such address may not have been current and any forwarding request may have expired.  Thus, the notification would not have been received.  Also, notification may have been received, but was mistaken for junk mail and discarded.

Will I need to provide you with personal information such as a social security number?
No.  We already have the information necessary to initiate a claim on your behalf.  We just need your authorization to do so.

Am I required to pay a fee in advance to file a claim?
No.  After you've received your money, we will send a statement for payment of the fee.  If we are not successful in obtaining payment of the funds, you do not owe anything for our services.

Who receives the money?
The unclaimed funds will be payable to you and mailed directly to you.  We do not get involved in the actual handling of the money.  As your representative, we are notified when payment is sent to you.  

Unclaimed Funds Department
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