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Unclaimed Funds Department

"Providing assistance for consumers to recover their unclaimed escrow funds"


David La Croix is a graduate of the U S Air Force Academy and the University of Floriida College of Law. His legal career began as law clerk to the Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court, and David practiced law in Florida for 44 years, the last ten of which were focused on consumer law and foreclosure defense. Now retired from active practice, David decided to continue operating the Unclaimed Funds Department of his firm. Throughout his legal career, attorney La Croix maintained an exemplary standing with the Florida Bar Association.

Eric Schreiber who manages the Unclaimed Funds Department is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati with a degree in accounting and finance. Eric has been with the La Croix law firm since the Unclaimed Funds Department was opened more than 5 years ago.

A few years ago a client brought to attorney La Croix's attention that there was money in an old escrow account that had never been returned to him and that money was being held by the government. The client asked attorney La Croix to help him recover the funds. In the process of recovering those funds for his client which only took a few weeks, attorney La Croix discovered that the government is holding tens of millions of dollars of unclaimed escrow funds that legally belong to hundreds of thousands of people who are completely unaware the funds exist. Further, attorney La Croix learned that the government will ONLY return the funds when a claim is filed.

The Unclaimed Funds Department was created to locate lawful owner(s) of these unclaimed funds and file their claims. Our unclaimed funds specialists have been successful 100% of the time in recovering the funds and to date have been responsible for over $3,300,000 being returned to our clients. The recovered funds are non-taxable.

Unclaimed Funds Department
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